Light Trails

light trails

First try at light trails was waiting around for half hour for this picture but definitely worth the wait have to get out to some motorways that will be fun.


14 thoughts on “Light Trails”

  1. I found light trails are great fun, easy enough, and a good way to learn camera technicalities. I blogged mine, one on a bridge earlier this year, and last weekend on a footpath above a road with a bend. It’s very rewarding.

      1. Absolutely! I started blogging last August and did several weeks in Europe posting a lot and was getting very few views other than my friends and family. Once i got the reader issue straightened away the blog’s following really grew.

      2. It gradually began increasing as did the following. Last month my average views per day were 330. Now there is more to getting views and followers than just tags of course but it hopefully will help.

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