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Light Trails

light trails

First try at light trails was waiting around for half hour for this picture but definitely worth the wait have to get out to some motorways that will be fun.


WightLink Seascape


Watching the sea go by. I think what a beautiful picture this would be whilst watching the clouds past. I gab my camera and now im focusing on my contrast and I think to my self would others like this ….

Macro Monday #1 – Motorcycle


Lying flat on my stomach, camera in hand and couple of strange looks from passers-by I managed to take my first photo for Macro Monday. I don’t specifically know why I took the photo in the first place, a rear wheel chain of a motorcycle is not something you would normally find photographers taking photos of. However, a stride from convention actually shows that the beauty of an object no matter what is always there. Only till you get up close with a macro can you see the strange elegance of the sunlight shining off the metals. In contrast to your stereotypical “Biker” there is an unsual contrast between the “Biker” and the Bike, one who is seen as tough and hard whereas the bike is filled with grace and glamour.

Now I have found something which a majority would pass by, I challenge you to find something different and admire the artistry that is hidden within. So go on get them lens fixed on and cameras at the ready, you never know what you may find!